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Weekly podcast about anything and everything including autism, self-publishing, and fitness/distance running

August 8, 2018

MIVIV Episode 0001 (Text Only): In the Beginning

Hello, and welcome to the podcast home of "My inner voice's inner voice" which will be hosted by yours truly, Jim Gaffney. I am a solutions architect/computer programmer by day and an endurance runner/budding author by night. After releasing my second book titled "Hello, I am Jim: A Family Story of Asperger Syndrome", I began to realize that there were other available outlets to feed my creative side and I immediately began to explore those options. While I thoroughly enjoy writing books, I also find a great deal of joy and fulfillment in creating/maintaining websites, writing blogs and now hosting my own podcast. I must admit that a podcast presents personal challenges in a way that my other creative outlets do not. Public speaking has long been an area of deficiency for me but I am eager to jump in and share my knowledge, wisdom and point of view with those that are willing to listen. The topics of discussion will vary from week to week with the ultimate goal being to cultivate an audience who is eager to learn, reflect and debate but above all to laugh. While this message is text-only, my podcast audio will be published each Friday and I encourage feedback and questions from listeners. I hope you will join me on this incredible journey called life and tune in each week. 

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